After living in Auckland its great to be back in Sydney and getting re acquainted with some of my old clients.

A few months ago I was able to re connect with a client I hadn’t seen for a few years.

Amy Meriman, who runs Event planet contacted me for new headshot for immediate Pr and marketing. They needed some images of herself and the general manager of her business for stories that were going to publication.  So the images needed to be ready to roll.

“So what do you need? I asked. As Amy’s company is recognised as being one of the best event companies for its creativity and design this was a prudent question. The answer was “ you know the same but different” If I only had a dollar for every time I had heard this. So I put my mind to work and penned out a series of images that would be sent over for approval. The client was happy and the ideas for the images seemed to fit the brief.

The young ladies had to look good and show their style. When it’s all about Style, we keep it simple.

One of the best aspects of the shoot, was Amy brought her young boy along with here for a few family photos.

This gives great insight for customers to see who Amy is and what makes her tick.

What a cherub he was and quite the young model.

It turned out that all the setups were great.

This is why it’s always better to discuss each image with the client before the shoot, so the photographer can schedule the process of images and client can be emotionally prepared for what they need to project to nail the shot.

So all is well that ends well. The images were used for industry media and communication.

However the outcome of this first round of communication gained interest with the Sydney Morning Herald and an article was written about Amy in the following weekend Herald of that same week. So Amy’s investment paid off.

Good Luck Amy, see you at the next shoot!