The Thinxtra Stroy

a story for a startup

Thinxtra is a startup company that creates simple low energy consuming tracking devices, based in North Sydney.

These devices send small amounts of data back to relay stations.The gathered data enables shipped or transported to be tracked across the globe.

The beauty of these new products and accompanying technology is that they provide certainty to shipping and manufacturing companies.This knowledge of being able to track consigned items can really be invaluable for large organisations and manufacturing businesses.

The Art Of Creating Flow

The collected data can tell a shipping or manufacturing company exactly where its consigned shipped items are, at any given time. I started to learn the value of this when hearing stories of valuable shipped items of stock that were delivered to the wrong warehouses because they “looked the same”. Product delivery systems are only good as their weakest link. This technology has been created to override the possibility of simple human error, so valuable items can’t simply get lost in transit. This can save companies thousands of dollars every year, in reduced loss. In addition to this knowing where all your available stock and assets are at the click of a button can increase performance and drastically reduce down time and improve flow within any manufacturing business, which can lead to a competitive edge in manufacturing standards.

Waste Reduction

Every business owner is on the lookout for silver bullet solutions that can turn waste into profit. The data collected by Thinxtra can serve a dual purpose. It can be analysed to yield insights to where efficiencies and inefficiencies exist in the business. This post analysis can reveal where improvements in waste reduction and cost reductions can be made and so driving decisions that deliver growth and so creating leaner and nimbler businesses.

Telling a human story

As you can see the principal idea of Thinxtra is simple, however any startup developed to an industrial scale can create working complexities.The challenge I faced was how to visually communicate stories that drive action.The challenge was how to show the pioneering spirit of this company  that enables big data to work hand in glove to enable financial and environmental benefits.

The thought process of expression

I believed that the overall look for the images needed to be black and white as all data is binary (ones and zeros) however to tell this story well there needed to be a connection to the environment as this is what brought the brand alive.Combining ideology, product and opportunity in the founding story. I have tried to represent each member of the senior leadership team as an individual player, however representing them in ways that show their individual personal strengths  and how this plays into a collective strength.


Working in a startup feels a kin to working for yourself. There is direction from management and connected to your group, however at the end of the day you are the one who will make a difference. 

At the end of my internship with Thinxtra I certainly felt a sense of accomplishment having helped them communicate who they were and what they were trying to achieve. 

In the two months I worked at Thinxtra I worked on reimagining their landing pages and their about page of their website. In addition to this I created print ad ideas and the portraits to tell their story.

Working for this company was not without its challenges but at the end of my internship with Thinxtra I certainly felt a sense of accomplishment having helped them communicate who they were and what they were trying to achieve. This is a small company, however I felt that they were in control of their future and where they were going. Best of luck Thinxtra.



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